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NOW There Is A Group For PHONE CASES

December 17th, 2014

NOW There Is A Group For PHONE CASES

There is now a group created for PHONE CASES.

I hope, FAA Team would creat such an website that we could show case ONE LINK for ALL PHONE CASES.
Unfortunately, that is not the case till now.

To help everyone to FOCUS on PHONE CASES found at one place in group because clients would have no CLUE
that FAA artists also sell PHONE CASES.

So click the link above and become the member.



PS: Here are the details of the home page of the group

Top100 iPhone Case Promotion ThreadsAbout This GroupPHONE CASES ALL link on WWW.PIXELS.COM

Here is for NAVIN JOSHI ARTIST 2,000 PLUS pillows

Dear Friends,

There are no Image Code links for the Phone Cases

Therefore, I propose to start this Group. It would be little difficult in the beginning, but you will find the benefits immense as...


December 16th, 2014


There are no Image Code links for the Throw Pillows in the present set up of the web site for Artists - web sites..

Therefore, I have started a group to cover Throw Pillows:

1) Save an image of a Throw Pillow

Click Start a NEW TOPIC

3) In subject line: example Navin Joshi Throw Pillow + copy paste description of the art

4) Upload the image of the Color Throw Pillow

5) Copy Paste the page link of the Throw Pillow

6) Copy paste the detailed description of the art if available, otherwise just copy paste the subject line

7) Invite other artists to Click the link, LIKE, Comment and SHARE.

8) I would suggest sharing your new topic link page link to FB PAGE .. Fine Art Posters n POD Merchandise Gift

DO this for EACH of your Throw Pillow

Right now I am starting only one...

100 Views Plus Images Art Promotion Groups By Navin Joshi

November 28th, 2014

100 Views Plus Images Art Promotion Groups By Navin Joshi

This would be a distinct group from the parameter of views and ALL images except those discouraged by FAA will be Featured.

100 is a bench mark which should encourage any other artist to put a LIKE, comment and share with the social networks.

The IDEA is to focus more on these beauties that have already crossed a view mark and let all group members help each other to give greater attention to these.

I have created a Top100 Face book page and would like you all to post your 100 plus view images there. Here is the link:
Top100 All Medium Artists Fineart Club

Also here is my Artist page link where I generate lot of activity, likes, comments and shares for you. NAVIN JOSHI Artist

Here are my links to follow: If you follow me, I will be pleased to share your images in my social networks.

Artist Social Marketing Tools And Services

November 2nd, 2014

Artist Social Marketing Tools And Services

To ALL : ACCOMPLISHED Featured Artists or JUST new artists

Navin JOSHI has very wide Social Media presence and posts done by me are much more effective than any other Artist.

I have over 90 stores selling Posters and POD gift merchandise. I have presence in ART.COM ALLPOSTERS.COM, ZAZZLE.COM CAFEPRESS.COM FAA and many other POD sites.

I am a very active blogger. Have several blogs at Fine Art America, Google+ and FaceBook. I manage over 12 pages and 50 Groups at Face Book which are potential avenue for your posts as posting at just one PAGE or GROUP can amount to SPAMMING and also lose the attention to get LIKES and comments.

With that experience, I have invested on Creative Cloud and hired web savvy trainee students to do my work. I am intereted to provide the same service and guidance to promote your product.


You must value the time you spend to CREATE ART and post it...

Announcing FB Group With PDF Files Uploads

November 1st, 2014

Announcing FB Group With PDF Files Uploads


TOP100 FAA Artists

I had subscribed to Photoshop CREATIVE CLOUD for a long time.

I just started some work in PDF download ... see example here.

30 photos PDF file by NAVIN

Face book allows PDF post only on GROUPS .. so I already have a group for the art called FINE ART and POD Merchandise.

Any artist who becomes member of this GROUP will be entitled to a one time PDF post by me ( .. this can be repeated depending on how friendly and participative one can become with me here in FAA and Face Book)....

Call To Join Top50 Haut50 Accompli Artistes En Vedette Club

October 16th, 2014

Call To Join Top50 Haut50 Accompli Artistes En Vedette Club

Currently, we have groups around getting FEATURED as this is one of the parameters on which FAA art database responds to web search engines.

Well done all who got on top or became visible on FAA. How about getting on top first page of the google search. No one have patience these days to look for results in 2nd page of search because there are billions of art images coming out of millions of artists and POD websites around the world.

On top of that, FAA has set up a criteria which narrows down the search to the artists to a country where the SEARCH is originating. I have to re-check that with FAA, but I did a search and only 10,000 Canadian artists came in result because I am putting the search from ONTARIO, Canada.

Therefore, friends we have to put in EFFORTS to become visible in every country around the world.

MEMBERSHIP is easy - you click Member button and you are in the group

Who will be on TOP50 - Administrator will decide based...

111 TOP Views Gallery By Navin JOSHI

October 16th, 2014

111 TOP Views Gallery By Navin JOSHI

With over 1400 images at my Website, I am myself overwhelmed by acknowledging the Comments by fellow artists.
It is difficult to catchup and concentrate and focus between uploads, promotions and running the groups for benefit of all.

I have therefore, taken time and sorted the 111 top view art and made a separate Gallery. 111 is a great number and for the time being I want to concentrate on getting LIKES, COMMENTS and higher click number for these 111 images. Looking back, these are really my fantastic collection and even if 10% of them,i.e. 11 images start making sales, I really don't have to bother much.

Come by and view the MOST VIEWED COLLECTION.

Thank you everyone..


Face Book Promotion

July 3rd, 2014

Face Book Promotion

Hello Friends, PS: Not sure if the list below will be active link, if not, please email me and I will send you DOC file with HYPER LINKS.

I have been creating a lot of GROUPS in the past but there was no activity until I recently PRE-retired due to health problems. Now I am able to devote a few dedicated hours to my HOBBY ART activity.

I would like all of you benefit from posting to over 50 different groups UNHINDERED. As administrator, I am not going to put RESTRICTIONS on number of posts that you want to make.

What is ESSENTIAL is let us all provide atleast 20 LIKES a day to these FB page postings by FELLOW MEMBERS. The benefit is mutual. You all got to PROMOTE the GROUPS at FB as well WE ALL got to give LIKES to each other TO BENEFIT from the FB postings.

Below is the list of LINKS for FB Pages which are OPEN TO PUBLIC PAGES and GROUPS which are OPEN TO PUBLIC GROUPS. Please provide a LIKE to PAGES and be members of the...