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Navin Joshi

Navin JOSHI FineArt Graphics Textures Patterns Downloads POD gifts Phone Cases Throw Pillows Duvet Covers Greeting Cards

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STUMBLE UPON by Navin Joshi
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Navin Joshi comes from a family of artists practicing Yoga, Meditation, Reiki Healing and Color Therapy Arts.
I am a self taught artists and art has been only a hobby. For my living I have worked India and Canada in different roles in Import, Export, Marketing, Production. My art interest had let me to be a Draftsman in 70's and later as a General Manager in a export production and printing facility manufacturing Carpets, Curtain cloth, towels, placemats, pillow covers and other printed gifts.

I have done courses in use of HTML, Web Designing, Photoshop and Corel Draw. Currently I use Photoshop CC for my work.

I am a very active social worker in the area of conservation and human rights. I have keen interest in protection of animals and trees and protecting habitat for the wild animals, birds and fish.

I am also a REIKI Healing Master since 2000. I donot practice Reiki for healing. I reach the masses through our Group Prayers and through my Reiki Healing Art displayed in my Galleries here and elsewhere

CHAKRA doonagiri


bas relief, intaglio, high relief, aquatint, mezzotint, Abstract Expressionism, art nouveau, Bauhaus, chiaroscuro, cubism, dadaism, expressionism, fauvism, futurism, gouache, iconography, impasto, Impressionism, minimalism, monochromatic, montage, mosaic, mural, naturalistic, neoclassicism, op art, polychromatic, Pop Art, realism, Renaissance, rococo, Romanesque, Romanticism, surrealism, symbolism, triptych, trompe l'oeil, limn, pastiche, parquet, furbelow, aureole, in situ, Coptic, schmaltz, autotelism, ex post facto, marmoreal, encaustic


Flowers adorn by the side wall of the entrance at Central Park New York America photography by Navin by NAVIN JOSHI


If mind is a horse you need your heart and soul to control it for the right pace and direction Succ by NAVIN JOSHI


Jewels Red Ruby cut shapes in square pattern by NavinJoshi at elegant Wedding Col by NAVIN JOSHI


Happy laughing purple ribbbon Mask by NAVIN JOSHI


Patch up of broken hearts Coming together for peace harmoney and enjoying the positive things about by NAVIN JOSHI


Smart Graphics Techy Techno KIDS room lowprice wall posters graphic abstracts for throw pillows duve by NAVIN JOSHI


Purple Mandala Lights n Shades Purple n White Stripe Abstract art for Dark Rooms and Corridors also by NAVIN JOSHI


NOVINO Unique Signature Style Graphic Art Shades of Sparkle Gold Textures and flower pattern in betw by NAVIN JOSHI


Background Art Graphic Designs Digitally created images from flower colors and other nature photogra by NAVIN JOSHI


Reflections on Lake artistic re processing of nature photography called digital painting mixed media by NAVIN JOSHI


Amazing nature blessings magic colors cherry red green shrubs plants save the environment by NAVIN JOSHI


White Flower Medley Colorful Rainbow stripes on the backdrop Artist NavinJoshi by NAVIN JOSHI


Blue Wave over wave pattern on gifts Shirts Pillows Tote Bags Phone Cases Shower Curtains Duvet Cove by NAVIN JOSHI


Abstract Colorful 3d art huge stone mount made of alphabet soup by NAVIN JOSHI


Passion GOLD Fashion GOLD by NAVIN JOSHI


Spring Flowers two line patterns small and bold uniique by side green vertical borders of french bea by NAVIN JOSHI


Wood original texture pattern art by NavinJoshi FineArtAmerica pixels by NAVIN JOSHI


MAGIC LAMP lights up and ask for 3 wishes Chant 3 times JAAG JAAG KISMAT by NAVIN JOSHI


Jewel Stones Sprinkle Abstract NavinJoshi Rights Managed Images Graphic Design is a strategic art by NAVIN JOSHI


BA BA Monkey from the City by NavinJoshi at FineArtAmerica by NAVIN JOSHI


Bountyful Red Sparkle magic waves for festive season deco bringing in energy and warmth by NAVIN JOSHI


Pure abstract view carefully and find some thing new every time each persons imagination is unique by NAVIN JOSHI


NOVINO Sale Abstract Graphic Designs on POD gifts Phone Cases Pillow Covers Tote Bags Duvet Covers P by NAVIN JOSHI


GHOST Buster SKULL Mundu Danger Mystical creative signature art by NAVIN JOSHI


Crystal Energy Crystal Stone Micro photography Pattern Graphic art by NAVIN JOSHI


Legs Spread relaxed Architecture Bridge Ship Building Background Designs and Color Tones n Colo by NAVIN JOSHI


Pillow over Mosiac Colorful Circles by NavinJoshi ArtistWebsites FineArtAmerica Pixels by NAVIN JOSHI


Monster Mouth Fantasy Art Cartoon Comic Comedy Sparkle Background Designs and Color Tones n Color S by NAVIN JOSHI


Flower Garden LADYbug Purple White I by NAVIN JOSHI


Abstract Flower Floral Photography and digital painting combination mixed media by NavinJOSHI by NAVIN JOSHI


Fish poisson exotic exotique speed delicacy delicatesse delicacy graphic digital numerique graphiqu by NAVIN JOSHI


Blossom Pink before fall colors in Oakville Ontario Canada appreciating nature it deserves a great by NAVIN JOSHI


Mosiac from Egyptian History Museum NavinJoshi FineArtAmerica Pixels see POD gifts with this image by NAVIN JOSHI


INFINITY Infinite SYMBOL Elegant Art and Patterns by NAVIN JOSHI


Flying Bear India Colors Imagination borrowed from Coral Reef Vegitation Under Sea World Cretures fr by NAVIN JOSHI


Mystical SYMBOL ART decorations with energy by NAVIN JOSHI


FANTASY art Sky Galaxy Cosmos Cosmic Blue Sparkle Background Designs and Color Tones n Color Shades by NAVIN JOSHI


Shirts n POD gifts Boston n surrounding area nature photography by NavinJoshi FineArtAmerica Pixles by NAVIN JOSHI


Abstract created out of photography of Cable Antenna NavinJoshi FineArtAmerica Pixels by NAVIN JOSHI


Boats Harbour Beauty of Boston MA USA America photography by NavinJoshi FineArtAmerica Pixels by NAVIN JOSHI


NOVINO ClueLESS in Seattle Funny Comedy Cartoon Background Designs and Color Tones n Color Shades by NAVIN JOSHI


Lotus Flower Stunning Colors Abstract Artistic presentation by NavinJoshi by NAVIN JOSHI


Tornado Waves Colorful An artistic vision of Natures Beauty Energy and Fury by NAVIN JOSHI


Ganapati Ganesh Idol Hinduism Religion Religious Spiritual Yoga Meditation Deco NavinJoshi Rights M by NAVIN JOSHI


Sensual Lips Love to Kiss Background Designs and Color Tones n Color Shades available for DownLoad by NAVIN JOSHI


Artistic Sparkle Floral green Graphic art Very Elegant one of a kind work that will show great on an by NAVIN JOSHI


Artistic Abstract vision using flowers and plants photography for conversion for digital painting a by NAVIN JOSHI


Lamp posts by Navin Seeing things differently by NAVIN JOSHI